Guidelines for Creating and Customizing your

Welcome to your BHS Practitioner Brochure. This brochure is available in many languages, and will help to distinguish your work as a BHS Practitioner and support the recognition of BHS around the world.





  1. Write your Biography text of 120 to 140 words in the language that your brochure will be printed in. See the Languages section for currently available languages.
  2. Choose one photo for your Biography profile, and two other photos for use inside the brochure. If you do not have any photos to use, you can choose from an approved selection in the Photo Gallery, which is available at no cost to BHS Practitioners.
  3. Optionally gather one or two brief testimonials from clients that you wish to show in your brochure. If you do not have any testimonials to include, you may choose from a selection of Barbara Brennan quotes or use a larger photo instead.
  4. Select your custom options and upload your text and photos via the Brochure Order page.
  5. Make payment via the online interface (PayPal / credit card) and await your custom BHS Practitioner brochure by email.
  6. Work with a local printer in your country to produce as many printed copies of the brochure as you require, or use the instructions available on the Printing Information page to order your brochures from an online printer such as Vistaprint.

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When ordering your brochure, please keep the following guidelines in mind:



The brochure is currently available in the following language versions:

  • American English
  • Arabic – translation by: Helen Allabban, BBSHE 2012
  • Brazilian Portuguese – translation by: Adriana Paese, BBSH 2013 & Amelia Mello, BBSH 2013
  • British English – supplied by: Marcus Sorensen, BBSHE 2011
  • Dutch – translation by: Daphne Bouma-Jansen, BBSHE 2011 & Coenraad Bouma, BBSHE 2008 / AS 2013
  • French – translation by: Mary Laure Teyssedre, BBSHE 2010
  • German – translation by: Tom Meibusch, BBSH 2003 – with Nina Koren & Ines Gerhardt
  • Icelandic – translation by: Asta Baldursdottir, BBSHE 2012
  • Italian – translation by: Ian Ritter, BBSHE 2009 / AS 2011 (assisted by: Marvy Poletto)
  • Japanese – translation by: Hisae Freeman, BBSH 2007 (assisted by: Maki Nanatawara)
  • Norwegian – translation by: Janne Pedersen, BBSHE 2011
  • Portuguese (Portugal) – translation by: Filipa Figueiredo Neves, BBSHE 2011 (assisted by: Fausta Rendall)
  • Slovak – translation by: Alicia Benova, BBSH 2007
  • Slovenian – translation by: Tanja Bregar, BBSHE 2011
  • Spanish – translation by: Lucy Caso, BBSH 2004
  • Swedish – translation by: Kajsa Berglind, BBSHE 2010
  • Turkish – translation by: Sintia Mazon, BBSHE 2007 / AS 2009 (assisted by: Esra Dürlü)

You are welcome to order brochures in several of the languages above, particularly if you live in a bilingual or trilingual country.

All language versions of the brochure have tried to take into account the legal restrictions there might be in particular countries around the use of words related to healing and medical terminology. However, please verify that the wording is correct and conforms to the legal framework in your country. BBSH® cannot take responsibility for any issues that may arise from this.

If you would like a translation in another language, please contact the School Office ( with your request. If you are able to help translate into the language you request, please be sure to specify this.

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Use this section to describe your BBSH/E training in a way that best profiles you.
The purpose of this brochure is to present yourself as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner®. If you choose to include other credentials, they must be limited to those through which you have earned a degree or certification.

Please keep this text between 120 and 140 words, including your certifications if you wish to list those below the main biography text.

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Please use discretion when choosing photos for your brochure. Since the concept of energy healing is new to many people, we want it to be portrayed as the professional respectful modality it is. Consider photos that depict your integrity as a Brennan Healing Science practitioner.

If you do not have photos to include in your brochure, there are pre-approved stock photos in the Gallery that you may choose from for your brochure and use free of charge.

Any photos you personally provide should be 300dpi quality, in .jpg .tif or .png format. Please only provide photos that you have the full rights to use, including permission from any models in the photos. Do not send unlicensed stock photography, found on the Internet for example, or images that you do not have explicit permission to use for promotional purposes.


On the brochure outline view images above, the location of each photo is marked with a cross in a rectangular box and a number in a yellow circle.

Photo 1 is intended to be a photo of you, which will appear alongside the Biography text.
Photo 2 can be a photo of your choice that you feel depicts Brennan Healing Science.
Photo 3 can be a photo of your choice that you feel illustrate the concepts discussed inside the brochure or your healing practice in general. It can be either a normal width, or an extra wide version, if you do not need any text in the Testimonials area.

Sizes: Minimum Width Minimum Height Resolution
Photo 1: 45mm / 1.77 inches
44mm / 1.73 inches
Photo 2: 95mm / 3.74 inches
70mm / 2.76 inches
Photo 3 (normal option): 100mm / 3.94 inches
75mm / 2.95 inches
Photo 3 (wide option): 185mm / 7.28 inches
75mm / 2.95 inches

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The logo is trademarked for use on this brochure only. It cannot be used for any other purpose.

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We have included space for client testimonials. You can include two testimonials with up to 30 words in each, or one testimonial with up to 65 words.

If you do not have any testimonials at this time, you may choose to have a larger photo spanning into this area from the central panel, or select up to two of the following excerpts/passages that have been approved by BBSH/E to be used in the place of the testimonials. These excerpts are available in all the listed translation languages too.

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Seeds of the Spirit 2009 pg. 96
‘Consider the possibility of filling all those spaces within you where love is absent with your love’

Seeds of the Spirit 2008 pg. 8
‘Your worst pain is your greatest healing. It brings you to the greatest wisdom within’.

Seeds of the Spirit 2008 pg. 15
‘Love exists before the first breath is taken. Love has no boundaries, no borders… love flows through your being freely of its own accord. There is no place in the universe where love is not. Love is the ground of your being.’

Hands of Light preface
Love is the face and body of the Universe. It is the connective tissue of the universe, the stuff of which we are made. Love is the experience of being whole and connected to Universal Divinity’.

Hands of Light pg. 9
‘Self-healing means self-transformation’.

Hands of Light pg. 9
‘Any illness, whether it be psychological or physical, will lead you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery that will completely change your life from the inside out’.

Hands of Light pg. 15
‘What is your thirst? What is your longing?
Whatever it is, it will carry you to what you need to do next.’

Hands of Light pg. 253
‘If we can change our attitude toward illness to one of acceptance and understanding that it is a message to be learned from, we would alleviate a great deal of fear’.

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The brochure is available in these paper sizes:

  • US Paper (216 x 279 mm / 8.5 x 11.0 inches)
  • A4 size (297 x 210 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 inches)

Selecting the size that is most commonly used in your country will help keep the printing costs down.

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There is a fee of US$115 for the preparation of your brochure for print, and US$50 for each extra language version from the available list. Marcus Sorensen, BBSHE 2011 Alumni, has been authorized by BBSH/E to provide graphic design services for the BHS Practitioner brochure and will be carrying out the personalizations. For any technical questions, please contact

The US$115 fee includes the insertion of your name and titles on the front cover, your personal text in the Biography panel, your contact details in the Contact panel, your choice of testimonials or approved passages for the Testimonials panel, as well as the preparation and insertion of your photos on the Biography panel, the Brennan Healing Science Modality panel and The Healing Process panel.

The fee also includes one set of amendments after you have seen the personalized brochure artwork, in case you need to make text edits or change photos. Beyond that, further changes for your initial brochure order will be billable on an hourly basis at a cost of US$50 / hour.

For small changes to your brochure in future, eg. address update or new biography photo, there is a flat fee of US$25 for new artwork to be produced and made available to you. These requests can be sent directly to

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The fees do not include the physical printing of your brochure. You will receive print-ready artwork files that you can give to a local printer in your country for production. There are instructions available on the Printing Information page.

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