Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the questions below to see the answers. If you have any other questions that have not been addressed, please contact Marcus with your query.

Can I change the brochure layout / colours?

Currently, the only customisations available are outlined in the Guidelines section. There is only one version of the layout and colour scheme available at the present time.

Based on feedback from the BHS community, other layout and colour options may be made available in future. You are welcome to contact Marcus with your ideas about this.

Can I change the text?

Please view the Guidelines section for all the text customisations that you can currently make. These are specifically in the Biography panel, Contact information and Testimonials section, along with the name and titles on the front cover. The other text in the brochure cannot currently be changed.

Many different language versions have generously been made available by international BBSH/E/J graduates: please see the Languages list for the options.

Can I use the photos in the Gallery on my own website?

Yes you may. The photos were created by fellow BBSH/E/J graduates to help you market your practice. Please consider any ways in which you can help your fellow graduates and the BHS community in return.

Can I use the text from the brochure on my own website?

If you first order and pay for a brochure customisation, then you can reuse the text on your own website and in your other marketing materials.

Can I use the BHS Practitioner logo on my own materials?

To use the BHS Practitioner logo, you need to fill out the form available in the Alumni Corner of the BarbaraBrennan.com website to confirm your agreement with the terms of use. You will then be able to use the logo on your own marketing materials.

Can you send me the BHS Practitioner logo?

To obtain the BHS Practitioner logo to use on your own materials, you go to www.BarbaraBrennan.com and click the Alumni Corner link inside the Students & Alumni menu, you will be able to log in using the password that was sent out to all graduates.

Then scroll down to the section about the BHS Practitioner logo, download the PDF form, and send it back to the School Office once you have signed it to show your agreement with the terms of use, and you will receive a digital file with the logo.